How & When DO YOU BEGIN?

Starting over can seem to be the biggest mountain to climb, you suddenly feel like you’re all alone. I know the feeling… I have been there. And I can tell you that your not alone at all. My name is Maggie Moore “The Widow Coach” and I can help you begin the journey to Starting Over. Let’s talk… I’m offering a Free Consultation. What do you have to lose? I look forward to talking with you. – Maggie


Healing A Broken Heart

They say “Time heals all wounds”, sometimes it takes an open ear or someone to lean on…

Starting Over But NOT Alone

Starting over can be a daunting task, but know you don’t have to do it alone…

Overcoming Grief – The Process

Know there is a time tested process to help overcome grief and move forward.

Family Counseling & Support

Sometimes you just need someone to help lead your family through it all…


Maggie Moore is a certified “Grief Recovery Method Specialist” offering several programs through the Grief Recovery Method. Available programs include: 1-on-1 Support, Group Support, Helping Children with Loss & Pet Loss. Browse the available programs or schedule a Free 15 minute consultation with Maggie…


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