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What Makes Maggie Unique:

She meets every audience exactly where they are and provides real information about grief and connecting with the widowed community.  Maggie brings keen intelligence with a head and heart point of view. Audiences leave with a new perspective.

Potential Topics to Consider:

Here are a few of The Widow Coach’s most popular themes. I speak to business, professional, religious, community, professional and service groups on the following topics:

      • Everything You Think You Know About Grief is Right…Wrong!
        There are many myths about grief and this talk helps community members and service organizations become better positioned to understand and respond to it when they come across it in the community, personally or professionally.
      • Before the Funeral and Beyond the Casserole: How Communities and Organizations Can Really Support A Grieving Member
        Truly supporting a faith community member through the grief process goes far beyond bringing food and showing support at services.  Maggie explodes some myths about grief and provides warm, practical advice from the inside out, using the experience of widowed, about how ministries and communities of faith can provide a “circle of support” around a grieving member.
      • Grief in the Workplace
        Intended for business leaders and HR organizations, this covers practical tools to use to assist an employee or surviving spouse when someone passes in the workplace.  Death-in-service is a non-routine event at many companies and poorly understood by managers.  Incorrectly handled grief has a significant workplace cost.  Losing a spouse can have huge effects, positive and negative, on an employee’s relationship in the workplace.  How an employee is handled during the grieving period can strengthen or weaken a relationship with the employer.    Maggie leverages her own experience and career in business and HR to make this informative talk useful to business and HR teams, or those that support them.
      • What to REALLY Say to Someone Who’s Lost Someone
        There are many myths about grief-and one of the big ones is “what to say.”  In our hopes to be empathetic, we often unintentionally take the wrong course when speaking to someone at a funeral or memorial event.  Maggie’s warm, witty talk (with examples from her own experience pre- and post-widowhood) help communities say the RIGHT thing at this difficult time.
      • Things I WISH I Knew About Grief and Life Before My Spouse Died
        Highly customized for the audience, Maggie speaks about some key things that she wished she knew before her husband was suddenly killed in an auto accident, providing inspiration and connection to attendees. You will walk away from this with a completely changed perspective.
      • Who Stole my Mind… and other Adventures in Widowhood
        Suitable for widowed and non-widowed alike, this talk covers some key milestones in the widowed journey, including the perils, pitfalls (and pratfalls) of trying to recover your life, wacky widowed parenting, keeping inlaws from becoming outlaws, and dubiously dating.
      • Perils of PWW (Parenting While Widowed) and the Classroom-Kids, Grief and School
        In this talk, intended for parents, educators and administrators, Maggie uses her own experiences shepherding her son with ADD through his grief….and the effect it had on his academic and social life at school.   Best strategies will be shared that cover ways for parents and schools can partner better, together, when grief hits the school.

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