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15-minute session

Things are complicated and confusing for you right now, so let’s keep this simple: You tell me what’s going on and what you’re seeking. I’ll tell you how we can work together, either in a Grief Recovery Method Class or a Coaching Option. Then we decide if we are a good fit. Simple, no-pressure, confidential conversation. Schedule a call today.


Multi-Week Group, Individual or Weekend-Intensive Class

If you are “stuck” in your grief, this evidence-based, results-oriented class is right for you. Learn specific, actionable methods that help you release the grief and live more peacefully. Does this sound like exactly what you need? Say yes! Register Now


Online and On Your Time Group Coaching

If you need to take things at your own pace, this solution is for you.  Choose our self-paced Widowed Compass Academy™ Courses online or a series of Widowed Tribe™ online meetings on topics of interest. Thoughtful questions and resources you need.  Does this sound like exactly what you need? Say yes! Register Now


3-month comprehensive coaching

If you’re in the middle of loss, feel confused and overwhelmed with the grief and practicalities of loss, this intensive will guide you in making the very best decisions for you and your children.  Up to 12 confidential, conversational one-on-one sessions. Outside-the-box problem solving, strategy sessions, easy-to-implement task lists, plus experienced consulting when you need it. Thoughtful questions, deep listening and compassionate support.  Does this sound like exactly what you need? Say yes! Register Now


6-month all-inclusive coaching

Up to 24 confidential, conversational one-on-one sessions customized to your goals to help you move from desolation to transformation. Strategy sessions that include clear and simple takeaways, outside-the-box problem solving and professional coaching on your specific challenges. Thoughtful questions, deep listening and compassionate support. Text check-ins (I give great GIF). Full access to my professional referral network (estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, wealth managers, therapists, trainers, home organizers and MORE. Plus, I’ll give you access to special surprises and resources to help guide your journey. Reserve your time with The Widow Coach here.

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Click on any of the questions below to get the answer to the frequently asked question:

What is coaching?

Coaching is the facilitation of growth and change.  My widowed coaching is different from traditional coaching in that it provides more structure to assist with the fact that you are dealing with the transformational event of a spouse’s passing.

How does the coaching take place?

The majority of my coaching is done by phone or online meeting through zoom. This allows my clients to take advantage of coaching from the comfort of their own office or home. Arrangements can be made for in person sessions, if desired, at an additional cost.

Additionally, I offer private classes on issue topics through the Widowed Navigator Academy.

How frequent are your coaching sessions?

This is dependent upon the program or package selected. In general most in-person clients prefer to meet a minimum of twice per month by phone or online conference, or to take advantage of seminars on demand through my upcoming Widowed Navigator Academy™.

In addition to our scheduled sessions, I provide additional e-mail access, quick check-in calls between sessions, weekly accountability and a wide variety of resources and tools at no extra charge depending on the coaching package chosen.

What is the Widowed Navigator™ System?

After working to accomplish my own widowed journey and helping my clients do the same, I found that I use a repeatable process. While every client is unique and brings his or her own challenges and agenda to our work together, I customize my framework to your needs.

In addition to personal coaching, group coaching and seminars, I offer private and group coaching and Grief Recovery Method™ classes.

What do you do?

I help widowed women (and more than a few good men) take their lives from desolation to transformation. This includes training classes, workshops and group and private coaching programs.

How do I know working with you might help me through my widowed challenges?

How do I know working with you might help me through my widowed challenges?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?:

  • Do you often struggle to identify priorities, manage time?
  • Do you struggle with getting “unstuck” with your grief and widowhood?
  • Need to figure out a new life A.W. (After Widowhood) but not sure how to find it?
  • Is it a struggle to get into action and out of overwhelm?
  • Is it sometimes difficult to find the time to devote to yourself and your life because widowhood is so overwhelming?
  • Do you just wish you didn’t feel guilty because you’re not “getting it” and getting over your grief?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I can help you!

How long do clients usually work with you?

When starting work with a new private client, I ask them to make a minimum four-month commitment to themselves and their goals. Those clients who achieve the greatest results and make significant, long lasting change choose to work with me for 8 – 10 months on average.

Others have issues that can be easily accomplished by participating in my group online sessions held during the month

Others simply need help in managing their grief, and a Grief Recovery Method class helps them.

What makes you different?

I am proud to be a coach, but as a widowed coach I run my practice very differently from many traditional “life coaches.”  I stand out from my colleagues/competitors in a number of ways; but my clients tell me the top three that influence their decisions to work with me are:

    1. My clients appreciate that I have been widowed and understand the challenges from the inside, so I bring a systematic approach and the way I break down the complex into “doable” pieces.
    2. They find great value in having a confidante who is an objective third party to whom they can talk with about widowhood challenges.
    3. I’ve had my world explode and come out the other side with joy and dignity.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to work with me or join one of my programs, so I’m taking away all of the risk:

    1. You can try before you buy. There are free and low-cost classes, audios, articles, podcasts videos, and tools on my website so you can sample my style, philosophies, approach and my Widowed Navigator™ system before you buy.
    2. You get my “Widowed Escape Clause” on my programs. Depending on the program, after the first half hour (or session), you can leave with no further obligation. A small admin fee may apply in some cases.
    3. I will not even accept you as a client unless I am convinced that I can help you, and that my program/service is right for you.

Do you work with men?

You bet I do! I’m always on the lookout for a few good men that I can help.  I have perspective on some of the unique challenges they face and am glad to help!

Do you have questions? Schedule a Free Consultation…

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